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FAMILY Repository FAQ

Why did National Population and Family Development Board (NPFDB) develop the FAMILY Repository?

To provide a one stop information hub regarding Family, Population and Reproductive Health for sharing and dissemination of the information at National Level.

Who are the users of the FAMILY Repository?

Students, Researchers, Communities, Policy Makers and others who are interested in Family, Population and Reproductive Health matters.

Who can deposit publications/documents item to the archive?

Items must be deposited by an appointed depositors from the National Population and Family Development Board (NPFDB).

Please ensure that you have the right to deposit a copy of your publications/documents item to the archive.  

What types of items can be deposited to the FAMILY Repository?

  • An article from a journal or magazine

  • A chapter or section from a book 

  • A book or conference volume 

  • A paper, lecture or presentation given at a conference, workshop or other events

  • A research report 

  • A thesis or dissertation 

  • Video (interview and promotional event) 

  • Act & Policy- related to family, population and reproductive health matters

  • Newsletters – can be information sheets, aiming to inform or alert others. 

Papers may include:

  1. Unpublished pre-prints (not peer-reviewed)

  2. Final peer-reviewed drafts (post-prints)

  3. Published versions (publisher-created files)

Language : English or Bahasa Melayu

Note: All publications/documents deposited must be related to Family, Population and Reproductive Health matters only.

Are registration is needed to login?

Users are required to fill up the registration form in order to download, save, print, share and explore the FAMILY Repository and it is free of charge.

What are the benefits of contributing to the FAMILY Repository?

  1. Increase the citation impact for a particular research information; 

  2. Promote collaborative programmes at the national and international levels; and

  3. Enable easy search and retrieval of articles.

Can an appointed depositor remove or withdraw materials from the FAMILY Repository?

Items may be removed at the request of the author/copyright holder, but this is discouraged. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include: journal publishers’ requirements, proven copyright violations, plagiarism or other legal requirements. If necessary, an updated version may be deposited. If you need to request for something to be removed or updated, please email: pusatsumber@lppkn.gov.my

How do I find a specific article or document in the FAMILY Repository?

You can explore the FAMILY Repository by using the Search function or by Browsing. Searching is useful if you have a clear idea of what information you want to find. Browsing is a good way to find available documents when you don't have a specific idea of what information you want.

What is the difference between an Institutional Repository and a Subject Matter Repository?

Open access repositories may be institution-based (e.g., universities or laboratories) enhancing the visibility and impact of the institution and its faculty whereas, subject-based collections like the FAMILY Repository is an online digital repository comprising Family, Population and Reproductive Health matters.

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